Well quite a large change has happened in my life and I have started out as a contractor based initially in Nottingham, but soon I’ll be moving to Wetheral (which is near Carlisle). This has come about because my girlfriends family and friends are up in Newcastle / Sunderland and she wanted to be a bit closer to them all. It was quite an easy decision for me as my favourite places to go mountain biking are about 1 hour from Carlisle, as well as having easy access to the Lake District for some crazy open water swimming.

Initially I am consulting for North-51 (http://www.north-51.com), the company that has been my permanent employer for nearly 3 years, which is great for me as I really love the company. In fact I’ve said many times that if it wasn’t for the move, then I don’t think I would have considered becoming a contractor as life is pretty great here at N51 towers.

I’ve started pushing myself to become a bit more active in the local development community so I have started ensuring that I attend the events like GeekUp, Notttuesday and Second Wednesday which are proving to be quite fun. Hopefully I’ll be able to time my visits to Nottingham to also take in some of these events, and with any luck there will be something similar up in Carlisle.

The great thing about having my own company is that I can have my own goofy website: http://www.code-burst.co.uk. Although I think it’ll be quite obvious that I definitely fall into the stereotype that middleware developers don’t often make good designers.